Games June 12, 2017 by Ben Pateman

Two classic gaming franchises are coming to VR later this year: DOOM and Fallout

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Perhaps the most exciting of the many E3 announcements from Bethesda today, it has been revealed that both DOOM and Fallout’s highly-anticipated VR versions will be arriving later this year.  Both will be full standalone games that aim to re-imagine DOOM and Fallout IV in VR.

It’s been possible to play the 2D versions of these games in jury-rigged VR using 3rd party software such as VorpX, but the experience is far from ideal:  lots of tinkering with settings is required to make it feel right, and games not designed for VR obviously aren’t going to have UIs that work well in 3D, causing lots of frustrations.  Despite all that, we were completely enthralled playing the original Fallout 4 in “ghetto VR”, so having the chance to re-experience the game’s post-apocalyptic world in true and polished VR is very exciting for us.  Particularly true as the game will be supporting all movement options (from comfort-based teleportation to classic joystick movement for those with VR legs), meaning that – for those who can handle it – the game will feel very authentic and immersive indeed.

With DOOM VFR, Bethesda are taking a slightly more conservative approach by focusing on teleportation-based movement, but we’re still expecting it to be a lot more than just another VR shooting range game.  True to the franchise it will be an extremely fast-paced, adrenaline-laced affair, and no doubt the harder difficulties will push competitive players to their limits!  And quite possibly cause the destruction of many an item of real-world furniture…

What’s not completely clear are the platforms these games will be available on.  So far it seems that both will be released on Steam for the HTC Vive, while Doom VFR will also be available on PSVR.  Oculus Rift support has yet to be mentioned, however.  Typically, VR games that release on Steam are compatible – to some extent – with the Rift, but for motion controller games this isn’t always the case.  Whether this omission is just an oversight, or a deliberate case of exclusivity (let’s not forget, Bethesda’s parent company – Zenimax – has had some pretty big legal issues with Oculus’ parent company – Facebook – in the past), remains to be seen.

Doom VFR is set to launch this December, while Fallout 4 VR will be with us as early as October.  Stay tuned for some hands-on impressions in the near future!

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