Games February 15, 2017 by Ben Pateman

DiRT Rally for PSVR looks set to appear this weekend!

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Earlier in the week Codemasters hinted in a tweet that the PSVR version of DiRT Rally was ready to launch:

On the same day a Codemasters employee strongly suggested that it’ll be available for this coming weekend:

The PSVR mode will also be unlockable via a DLC for existing owners of the game, or included in a special new PSVR-enabled boxed version.  Whether it’s just the DLC that’ll be available so soon, or the boxed version too, remains to be seen – but either way PlayStaion VR owners will soon be able to enjoy what is widely considered the best VR racing game around!  This is a racer that plays great with a gamepad, but if you want a mind-blowing experience and have the cash to splash, playing this in VR with a proper racing wheel and peddles is one hell of a good time!

DiRT Rally for PSVR will also boast a really cool feature not available for PC VR players:  a second player can join the game as the co-driver, using the TV and controller to look around and give instructions to the VR-immersed driver.  Just another reason why the PSVR is the best VR headset for social play!

Here’s the original announcement last month about the game’s upcoming PSVR compatibility.

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