Oculus Rift July 12, 2017 by Ben Pateman

Big sale on Oculus Rift + Touch bundles sees huge surge in VR uptake

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It’s now been almost 2 years since Oculus upset its fans by announcing the cost of its flagship device would be £499, a big chunk over the famously-quoted “ballpark figure” of $350 that people were expecting.  The price being 50% higher than expected may not have been enough to deter most of the early adopters – with critical supply issues causing huge delays for pre-orders at launch – but it was clear that this high cost was going to seriously inhibit wide-spread adoption of this exciting new tech, especially when PC hardware costs are included.  For us Brits, this was made worse when the price jumped up to £549 following everyone’s favourite referendum.  For a new platform with a relatively small library (at least back then), this price was just asking too much from anyone except the die-hard fans.

This year Oculus have been slowly lowering the price of its hardware.  Back in March they took baby steps in the right direction, dropping the price of the Touch controllers and returning the price of the Rift itself to its pre-Brexit RRP of £499.  Still too much!  But just yesterday, following their summer sale – a welcome tradition borrowed from Steam – they announced a limited time price-drop beyond what anybody could have expected:  that their Rift headset and Touch controller bundle would be available for a mere £399 combined.  Quite simply, this is the biggest VR deal that the VR industry has yet seen!

Most importantly, it does bring the price down to something far closer to that original “ballpark figure”.  Even Palmer Luckey had to chime in to that effect:

Sale or reduction?

While this is advertised as a limited-time sale, the general consensus is that the price is either going to stay where it is, or at the very least return to something far closer to this than the original price point.  None of us know for sure, though, so our best advice is simple:  If you’ve been holding out for a PC-based VR headset but just waiting for a good deal, now is absolutely the time to strike!  We’re not going to see a lower price than this for quite some time, so if you have the money there’s absolutey no reason to hold back.  Especially with so many great games on the Oculus Store these days, with recent instant-classics like Robo Recall and the upcoming hit Lone Echo – there simply hasn’t ever been a better time to buy into VR!

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