Games June 12, 2017 by Ben Pateman

Lone Echo for Oculus Rift finally has a release date, and its stand-alone multiplayer mode Echo Arena will be free to all Rift owners

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The highly anticipated Oculus Rift exclusive Lone Echo finally has a concrete release date:  July 20th.

The story-heavy single player game sees the player floating around in zero gravity, sidestepping the whole problem of virtual locomotion by having players move by grabbing objects and propelling themselves forward.  Think The Climb, but with gravity switched off!  It’s a fantastic use of the brilliant Oculus Touch controllers (which excel at providing a very believable sensation of gripping the environment).

The free multiplayer mode is something we’re particularly looking forward to, as developers Ready At Dawn have made it clear they’re eager to navigate the uncharted waters of VR e-sports.  If you’ve ever read/seen Ender’s Game, you’ll be immediately familiar with the setup:  Two teams face off in a zero-G arena to keep control of a ball and throw it into the enemy team’s goal.  To achieve this, you’ll need to manoeuvre nimbly and work as a team, with all the Ender’s Game tactics coming into play.  For example, grip hands with other players to launch in one direction, then have some players push off back to your own side in order to give the ball carrier an extra boost in speed (Newtonian physics, baby!).   It’s really going to be unlike any competitive multiplayer game we’ve seen before.  Just remember:  the enemy’s gate is down!

There’s no news yet of the game coming to other platforms, but we’re hopeful it’ll eventually reach the PSVR and Vive, much like Eve:Valkyrie did.  After all, for the game to flourish as an e-sport it needs access to as large a playerbase as possible.

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