Industry November 09, 2015 by Nick Pateman

Voxelus VR Creator Raises $850K in Crowdfunding

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Community-created VR content is no doubt going to be big business and Voxelus promises to be at the forefront. The platform will allow users to create, experience, play and sell VR content within the Voxelus ecosystem. The software is free and available on both PC and Mac with the development currently in beta.

Voxelus is not only gaining attention as the ‘VR YouTube’, but it has also raised its capital through a unique method of crowdfunding. The Voxelus world deals in ‘Voxels’, the platform’s very own cryptocurrency which is all that can be used to buy and sell content within Voxelus. Much like Bitcoin, this crypto runs on a blockchain and follows a number of the same principles of the bitcoin currency (deflationary, mining rewards etc). Also like Bitcoin, Voxels can be purchased over an exchange, and so far the platform has raised $850,000 by selling their own currency – Voxels. As any bitcoin enthusiast will tell you, getting into the game early is where the returns are; and this excitement will not only generate funds but may well send the price of a Voxel skywards, followed swiftly by the reverse.

Despite the interesting use of cryptocurrency, and the very intelligent fabrication of value overnight, the beta platform is not actually working in so far as the registration process is broken (at least for us). We’ll come back and review the software in full once out of beta. Voxelus will be compatible on Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift.

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