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Daydream View is Google’s first foray into high-quality mobile VR, and it currently stands as the more expensive but luxurious of the various options. While it currently only works with the Google Pixel smartphone, it will be compatible with many different android phones from various manufacturers down the line. With its light-weight, portable, and – dare we say – fashionable design, this is the headset most likely to be shown off in public!

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Google took their time developing a serious contender to the mobile VR market, and it paid off. If you have a Pixel phone and don't own one of these headsets, you're missing out! While it doesn't do anything revolutionary in the technical department, it's been refined into a true consumer item: comfortable, good looking, and easy to use.

Easy Access

Easy Access

It turns out one of the most important factors for a good mobile VR experience is being able to easily pop your phone into the device in order to hop into VR. The View has nailed it: simply load the phone into the front tray and fold it up. No USB sockets to fiddle with. Its position in the headset is detected automatically, so all you have to do is lock and load.



This isn’t your father’s VR headset. While wearing VR in public is still largely considered sociably questionable, we surely aren’t far off from having trains full of commuters all strapped into VR on the way to work. Daydream View takes an important step in that direction by creating a device that is made to be worn proudly, instead of a bulky gadget that you begrudgingly strap to your face.



A single, wide strap makes the device very intuitive to take on and off, whilst providing enough strength to stay firmly on your head. The headset itself is extremely light, and the foam-and-fabric materials have a luxurious quality. The outer fabric is dirt resistant, while the inner mask – which sits against your skin – is detachable for easy hand-washing.



In an industry often dominated by prototypes and tech experiments, the Daydream View perhaps stands out most notably as being a truly casual VR experience. It has been designed from the ground up to be hassle free, and in the long-term, just about anyone with a modern Android phone will be able to pick this headset up and hop right in.

Daydream View's Best Attributes

Simple motion control - Daydream View

Simple motion control

This small but versatile controller makes interacting with VR apps intuitive, serving as a simple joystick for menu navigation, or a motion controller for games and experiences.

Easy phone release - Daydream View

Easy phone release

Thanks to technology inside compatible smartphones, the View has the fastest and simplest method of popping your phone in and out of the headset. No need to mess about with USB ports: just drop it in and close it up.

Colour options - Daydream View

Colour options

Personalize your headset by choosing from three fashionable styles, with many more to come.

Made by Google - Daydream View

Made by Google

If you're a fan of Android then you'll inevitably have the option to upgrade to a smartphone that is compatible with Daydream. The Android platform also provides powerful and familiar access to all your VR apps.

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