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Oculus Rift October 10, 2016 by Ben Pateman

New Oculus minimum spec lowered thanks to “asynchronous spacewarp” tech

Last week at Oculus Connect 3 in San Jose, Oculus CEO Brandan Iribe made an announcement with some rather exciting implications.  Thanks to some new technology built into the Oculus API, the minimum specs for running VR games on the Rift have been lowered to any machine with an Nvidia GTX 960 or greater, and an Intel i3-6100

Games October 10, 2016 by Ben Pateman

Rift owners: Check out all these upcoming games!

With the launch of the Touch controllers coming in December, a whole range of Rift games (most designed specifically for Touch) have been announced, massively increasing the catalogue of VR content available.  There are also major updates being made to some existing games to integrate the Touch controllers, which will no doubt make them into

Games October 06, 2016 by Ben Pateman

Oculus Touch release date announced for 6th December, pre-orders beginning October 10th with bundled games

Amongst all the VR news from Oculus Connect today, Brendan Iribe has announced the launch date of the Oculus Touch, along with the games it’ll be bundled with. Shipping in mass on 6th December at £189, pre-orders will also receive two free Touch games: VR Sports, and The Untouched. The Touch differentiates itself from HTC

Oculus Rift September 20, 2016 by Ben Pateman

The price of Oculus Touch has been confirmed: £189

Nick Summers of Engadget today spotted a sign advertising the Oculus Touch controllers at £189.  While his tweet suggests he thinks the price is a bit steep, if we add up the combined cost of the Rift itself with these Touch controllers, the total price is £740, which comes in marginally cheaper than the Vive with

Oculus Rift September 09, 2016 by Ben Pateman

Oculus Touch launch date and price leaked

Major German electronics retailer MediaMarkt mistakenly listed full pre-order details of the upcoming Oculus Touch. The page was quickly edited after the mistake was made known, but not before plenty of people got a good look at the juicy details of these highly anticipated motion controllers.

Oculus Rift July 12, 2016 by Nick Pateman

Rift now shipping in 2 to 4 business days

All Rift pre-orders have now shipped, and new Rift orders from Oculus.com are shipping within 2 to 4 business days.   It was a rough start, having taken Oculus nearly 4 months to get through the pre-order backlog, but with Touch now around the corner things are starting to look bright for Oculus.  Let’s just

Oculus Rift June 15, 2016 by Nick Pateman

Oculus Touch launch is soon – and there are over 30 full games coming with it!

The 30-odd games coming later this year are being developed specifically for the Touch controllers.  Most of them are entirely new games, while a few existing games  have been redeveloped for VR (and Touch).  Here’s a few we’re really looking forward to: Superhot (VR & Touch support): a time-bending FPS that we’ve been eagerly awaiting to

Oculus Rift April 12, 2016 by Nick Pateman

Oculus faces more delays – early pre-orders pushed back another 1-2 months

Oculus had previously announced an “unexpected component shortage” to explain the slow start for the headset’s launch.  Now sitting at 2 weeks since the official launch, many pre-orders placed within 5 minutes of pre-orders going live are still undelivered.  These orders aren’t going to be seen for at least another couple of weeks – and

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