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HTC Vive December 22, 2015 by Nick Pateman

The Vive hype machine continues to rumble

Over the last few days there has been murmurings of something big coming out of Valve regarding the HTC Vive.  After it was announced recently that the headset wouldn’t be shipping until April 2016, people assumed the worst.  However, Valve are now suggesting that the real reason for the delay was due to a discovery so significant that

HTC Vive December 09, 2015 by Nick Pateman

Vive release date update: April 2016

Based on the tweets and murmerings coming from HTC and Valve over the recent months, many were hoping for a consumer release of the Vive – even in the form of a limited run – to sneak in before the end of the year.  Unfortunately, following an official blog post, it now seems the official

HTC Vive October 29, 2015 by Nick Pateman

Latest footage of upcoming Vive launch title “Hover Junkers” shows off multiplayer

The video handily splits the view into first person real, first person virtual and a 3rd person real view of the player.  It shows off not only how to make limited real-world space work well in VR (in this case, by confining you to a rickety post-apocalyptic hover truck), but also the potential immersion that can be

HTC Vive October 21, 2015 by Nick Pateman

Jason Mackenzie confirms worldwide release of the Vive before the end of the year.

In a series of Q&A tweets, HTC president Jason Mackenzie confirmed that the limited release of the Vive is still due before the end of the year. @vazquez595654 @htc @CherWang @drewbam before the end of the year. No change. — Jason Mackenzie (@JasonMacHTC) October 20, 2015 He also announced that this release would be available

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