What's New? HTC Vive

HTC Vive January 08, 2018 by Ben Pateman

HTC surges ahead: The Vive Pro is set to be the best VR headset out there

It’s been a while since we’ve seen news of a new commercial headset that really pushes the tech forward.  Since the release of the original Vive and Rift nearly 2 years ago, the focus of the industry has been on increasing accessibility; justifiably so, but also not all too exciting for those eager to see

Games June 12, 2017 by Ben Pateman

Two classic gaming franchises are coming to VR later this year: DOOM and Fallout

Perhaps the most exciting of the many E3 announcements from Bethesda today, it has been revealed that both DOOM and Fallout’s highly-anticipated VR versions will be arriving later this year.  Both will be full standalone games that aim to re-imagine DOOM and Fallout IV in VR. It’s been possible to play the 2D versions of

HTC Vive November 11, 2016 by Ben Pateman

No more tripping over cables using the HTC Vive: Wireless addon pre-orders about to go live

In the ongoing head to head between the two most high-end VR headset manufacturers, HTC have announced their latest gambit: a new peripheral for the Vive that replaces those bothersome cables with a wireless interface. For the headset that’s already most-suited to fully room scale experiences, cutting the tether is potentially a huge boon for

HTC Vive October 11, 2016 by Ben Pateman

With the Touch controllers available soon, is the Oculus Rift simply the better headset?

It’s been almost a year of Vive vs Rift debates.  On the one hand you have the much-loved Valve and their PC gaming empire, and on the other Oculus, a relatively new name but one backed by Facebook, the company it’s too cool to hate (but with a product too convenient to reject). Many aspiring VR

Games September 14, 2016 by Ben Pateman

Accounting: Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland brings the funny to VR

Fans of Rick and Morty everywhere rejoice: Justin Roiland’s surreal comedic squarks have been fused with the games development talent at Crows Crows Crows to bring something deliciously bizarre to the VR world.

HTC Vive March 18, 2016 by Nick Pateman

Demo the HTC Vive at your local computer store!

Starting today, PC World, Overclockers UK and Scan Computers will – at select stores – have demo models of the HTC Vive for you to go and play with!  Word is most are set up to play Space Pirate, Job simulator and Tilt brush:  A great selection of VR games that will show off not only

HTC Vive February 22, 2016 by Nick Pateman

HTC Vive price and release date announced, pre-orders starting soon

Over the weekend, HTC finally gave some concrete details on the launch their upcoming headset, the Vive.  A price of $799 USD was announced, with launch day in early April. This puts the Vive at $200 more than the Rift, but do note that Valve’s VR controllers come bundled with the headset, unlike the Oculus

HTC Vive February 02, 2016 by Nick Pateman

Head to Head: Oculus Rift Vs. HTC Vive

If you’re looking to get stuck into VR in a serious way this year, these are the only two headsets you need worry about.  Both of these headsets are expensive, and beyond that, require expensive hardware to build (see our hardware guide), but – compared to the mobile VR alternatives – are in a world of their

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